Monday, January 24, 2011

Update and project planning

So, if you're one of the 2 people who probably read this blog, you might be asking yourself "What is the deal with Nikki? She NEVER blogs anymore!" I know I'm pretty bad lately. We've had a busy month around here. We found out our little cakelet wasn't hearing very well (only 30%!!) so we had tubes put in to drain fluid and it has been amazing. What a huge difference it has made. I'm so sorry we didn't do it sooner. In addition to the surgery, we also had her first day of Preschool. It has been a little rough on this momma but, like many moms before me, I will make it through!

The good news is I need to keep myself preoccupied during the time I'm home alone so I forsee a serious surge in my baking projects! I've even made some dinners. If you know me, you realize this means it is possible that hell has actually frozen over.

I am working on making an amazing apple cupcake that I will reveal in a later blog. I am also working on a fun craft for the CCM that I will also be showing off. Assuming it all goes as well as I hope of course!

So stay tuned and I promise to do something amazing soon! ;)

And, because you know you want it, here's a picture of the sassy diva herself posing for her first day of school.


  1. So if my husband hates beer, but loves bacon, do you think he'd like these? I think I'm going to try these next time our friends get together. Seems like a good side item to the moink balls another friend makes. (Spicy sausage with bacon wrapped around it and cooked in a smoker.)

    Btw, thanks for the follow. :)

  2. I don't think you can taste the beer. Like I said, it adds a yeasty flavor. But I did have someone who doesn't like beer say she could SMELL the beer but not really taste it. You could substitute with another carbonated beverage if you want. Maybe a root beer or even just soda water would work. You really want the bubbles. Experiment with flavors!