Tuesday, September 21, 2010


My next frosting drawing attempt was for a double birthday cake for my girlfriend and her cousin. He is a huge Bengals fan (as am I) so I made a Bengals logo. I tried doing the same wax paper tracing as before but freezing it once dried. I had the same messy result.

Then I did it again but first put a layer of powdered sugar down on the wax paper, let it dry for an hour and put it in the freezer. I pretty much wanted to cover all the bases! Well, it worked much better, but I wouldn't say it's 100% successful. I managed to get most of the design off and onto the cake, then I freehand piped in the missing side (on the right obviously). It came out not too bad. I wasn't ashamed to give it to them at least.

Ironically, after all that work (and it was HOURS in between each attempt) I realized I have a projector! DUH! So next attempt will be onto the cake which should solve all these problems and result in a cake that will BLOW YOUR MIND! Ha ha!

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