Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alex's Airplane Cake

The first occasion cake I've made is for my girlfriend's little boy. He is also 3. I asked her if I could do it because I thought it would make great practice. Boy, was I right! I made a delish chocolate cake with a dense chocolate layer and whipped cream icing on the outside. The whipped cream icing posed a challenge as it began to crack when drying out on top of the chocolate icing. I'm not really sure why. I haven't made another cake with the whipped cream icing since, but I definitely will because it's pretty tasty!

The fondant airplanes worked great, for the most part. I was so used to working fondant on fondant, I got the pieces moist when I applied them. I didn't consider that the icing itself is very moist. What happened was the pieces began to "bleed" and color was running down from the planes on the sides. Like I said, live and learn.

Combine that with the whoops that happened during the drive, and we had a not-as-cute-as-I-wanted cake! But the birthday boy (and his mom) seemed to think it was great. So thank goodness for friends! LOL!

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