Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Cake Chemist is born!

So a few weeks ago I made a cake for my daughter's birthday. I had never worked with fondant, but had logged many many hours with Chef Duff and Buddy, so I thought I had a good background education. Well, maybe not, but I found many websites that encouraged me to try and I did. Now I'm hooked! Here is the cake that started it - (from our Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 3rd birthday party)

I was impressed for a first time try. Not perfection, but not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Since this masterpiece (ha ha) I have been making cakes at an amazing rate. I learn something each and every time I make one. It has been so much fun! I try to make each cake a little better than the one before and I think I am succeeding.

So, let me explain the name. I am a scientist by day. I am very into chemistry. I was a chemistry major in another life and have always been fascinated with the way simple ingredients can merge to create something completely new and different. Chemistry is all around us, but so much more in the kitchen! Every new tasty treat is a successful reaction.

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