Friday, August 27, 2010

Baby Belly!

Ok, I first saw this cake on I thought it was such a cute idea! But the baker of that cake said she used the Wilton ball pan for the belly and the mini dome (doll dress) pans for the boobs. I considered buying the pans. Ok, really, I went to a couple of stores looking for them. Not Hobby Lobby which I know would have it or the cake store which, being a cake store, would likely have them. I went to Joanns and Walmart. They didn't have them. I took that as a sign I should spend the pan money on a new mixer instead!

So, I decided to wing it. I'm a fairly resourceful person by nature, so I figured I could do this. Somehow. I have a bundt pan which I used for the belly and I picked up a couple of ceramic souffle cups for the boobies. I have never baked anything in ceramic before. So I thought I could just overfill the cups and they would mound up like boobs. Wrong. What I got was a baked mess and a pile of burnt cake batter on the bottom of the stove. Thankfully, for once in my life I thought ahead and had a pan underneath!

After making the main bundt and two completely flat souffle cakes, I wrapped them tightly and stored them. Ihad a few days to finish and I wanted to plan how to make this happen. I originally thought I could just ice or fondant over the bundt hole and make it a belly. But I had visions of a perfect cake developing a hole as I drove it to the party. Ok, more like nightmares!

So, what I came up with was to put foil over the small end of the bundt "hole" and fill it with batter, baking a core cake.

This worked much better than I had imagined. I also found little pot pie pans that are made to be disposable for about $1 which were perfect toppers to the souffle cakes.

I was so amazed how well it worked together when I did the first buttercream layer to set it all up.

Next I rolled out fondant and covered the whole thing in a dress. The mommy-to-be loves pink so I wanted to make it pink. In retrospect, I think that was a bad idea because it basically looks like skin and when you have flesh-colored boobs on your cake, it's taking a turn towards bachelor party. But luckily, I was not bothered by the jokes that came with. Actually, it was part of the fun ("Did you get some boob? Oh, and did you have any cake?")

In the end, it turned out so well I was so impressed with myself! At first, everyone thought I bought it. I think that's the best compliment I could ask for at this point!

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